Saturday, May 12, 2012

Big Bopper is fruiting

At last! The Big Bopper passionfruit vine, after much flowering and promise, has about half a dozen fruit hanging proudly!

I wonder how big the fruit get? Anyone had much luck with this variety?

These look average size so far, so let's see if they get any bigger. They are nice and heavy which is a good sign.

Bop on Big Bopper!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Eco Fair in Mosman Park

If you have some time tomorrow you might like to check out the inaugural Eco Fair at St Luke's in Mosman Park.
Here's hoping the rain holds off ...at least for some of the time!

Happy gardening!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Autumn goodness continues

We've had close to 60mm of rain over the weekend which makes it a perfect time to plant and sow in the garden!

We picked up two olive trees at the local garden shop: a kalamata and a manzanillo.



We had two half wine barrels from a friend down south which are a perfect size for these.

Alfie and I also planted out our Desirée potatoes on the weekend, plus some mixed lettuce and rocket.

Simon and Clancy planted some purple garlic on ANZAC day which sprung up only about 5 days later with the rain and the relative warmth!

Water (via rain) is an amazing elixir. You can just see how alive everything becomes after a decent rain! It's renewing and rejuvenating :-)

The birds obviously love it too - the Willy Wagtails are such great gardeners too!

What a special time in the year! Happy gardening!