Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Raised garden bed: reinforcing the sleepers

reinforcing the sleepers by margoc
reinforcing the sleepers a photo by margoc on Flickr.
Stage 2 of our raised garden bed construction is reinforcing the sleepers. This seems especially useful in the sandy soil, given the plot is on a slope. Simon used large galvanised coach screws to keep the sleepers in place and set the reinforcing stakes at the joins of each sleepers to minimise any movement and water run-off (we hope).

With the sleepers now in place we are ready to constructt the layers of our no-dig garden. First off, however, we will do some minor pulling out of grass (that you can see by the fence/retaining wall) just to minimise regrowth, as the bed is not as deep as we had first envisaged. We should get approx 30-40 cm depth with the no-dig layers, probably higher at first until the layers settle over time.

Next: no-dig layers! :o)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Setting up a raised garden bed

Setting the garden bed by margoc
Setting the garden bed a photo by margoc on Flickr.

Stage 1 of our raised garden bed is in progress. Simon laid the old sleepers reclaimed from the vacant lot behind us. The whole lot gives us approx 10-12 square meters of garden which should be ample space. Now for the fun bits in pulling out the worst of the grass and getting the layers happening for our no-dig garden!

Stay tuned!