Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Bopper is flowering!

Big Bopper flowering by margoc
Big Bopper flowering a photo by margoc on Flickr.
We are very excited to see our Big Bopper passionfruit in flower! Since planting it in September, we've eagerly awaited its growth and seeing flowers in full burst is simply wonderful!

Of course, we hope there are fruit to follow!

Stay tuned and happy gardening!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gardening buddies and grower extraordinaires

Since moving back from Canberra we've managed to stay in touch with some of our great buddies there.

I got an email from my mate Helen to say they'd set up a new website for their one acre farm, Wynlen House, located in Braidwood. If you are ever that way do stop in; Braidwood is a beautiful part of the world, and Helen and Bron are usually found at the local market on a weekend flogging their amazing organic produce!

Produce from Wynlen House. Photo courtesy of www.wynlenhouse.com.

I've popped their link under the Events area on my blog here.

This is what you can achieve when you have a passion for dirt :o) . . . Happy gardening!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Zucchini problem

Zucchini problem by margoc
Zucchini problem a photo by margoc on Flickr.
Our zucchini is suffering (poor thing!). Not sure why, so seeking ideas. It's watered every day but was a bit neglected as a seedling.

What could be drying out the small fruit? They get to about 1 inch long then shrivel up!


A few of our favourite things

We harvested the last of our vegetables from our no-dig garden today - much cooler day and conducive to gardening - we've missed it!

You can see our budding gardener, Alfie, is already quite confident and may well be a vegetable connoisseur by the looks.

Beetroot and carrots turned out well in the end, although some are a little bitter, probably from being in the ground for a while and perhaps the irregular watering?

Anyway, looks like we'll be feasting tonight!

I just love the harvest it's such fun and even better is the anticipation of what's new - we're already thinking about what to sow next!

Oh, and we beat the rats in the end by 3 corn cobs! 3 to the rats and 6 to us in the end! :o)

Happy gardening!