Saturday, February 4, 2012

Zucchini problem

Zucchini problem by margoc
Zucchini problem a photo by margoc on Flickr.
Our zucchini is suffering (poor thing!). Not sure why, so seeking ideas. It's watered every day but was a bit neglected as a seedling.

What could be drying out the small fruit? They get to about 1 inch long then shrivel up!



  1. Hi, this sounds like they're not getting polinated. Are there male flowers open at the same time as the females? I try to help things along with by transfering the pollen with a small artists brush in the morning. I'm having problems with loads of male flowers but few females. Maybe it's down to the temperature fluctuations we've been having?

    1. You might be right about the temp fluctuations Graham. I've decided to not put in Pumpkins for this reason too - unless we get some good rain in the coming month or two!

      There were lots of males flowers but still plenty of female ones too - I really think we left them too dry.

      Might have a go next season.