Saturday, February 4, 2012

A few of our favourite things

We harvested the last of our vegetables from our no-dig garden today - much cooler day and conducive to gardening - we've missed it!

You can see our budding gardener, Alfie, is already quite confident and may well be a vegetable connoisseur by the looks.

Beetroot and carrots turned out well in the end, although some are a little bitter, probably from being in the ground for a while and perhaps the irregular watering?

Anyway, looks like we'll be feasting tonight!

I just love the harvest it's such fun and even better is the anticipation of what's new - we're already thinking about what to sow next!

Oh, and we beat the rats in the end by 3 corn cobs! 3 to the rats and 6 to us in the end! :o)

Happy gardening!

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