Saturday, August 11, 2012

How edible is your town?

An entertaining talk by Pam Warhurst about growing vegies across our towns and cities where land is unused (even growing stuff in cemeteries!).
"There's so many people that don't really recognize a vegetable unless it's in a bit of plastic with an instruction packet on the top.” (Pam Warhurst)
Growing vegies, Pam says, builds community, builds resilience, and builds lifelong strategies for healthy communities, all through the power of small actions.

Inspiring just to "do it" :o)

Happy gardening!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Goodbye carrots and beetroot

So ends our beetroot and carrots! And a fine display they put on too and kept the kids interested and involved in garden adventures!

Great to see both Alfie and Clancy develop confidence in gardening as they explored whether the vegies were ready to pick or needed more time. And fun too just to pick and eat straight from the ground (or bush, in the case of the snow peas!) - with a quick wash of course :-)

Now we can start to think about spring crops - oh, the choices!

Happy gardening!