Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Raised garden bed - 1 month on

garden bed - 1 month on by margoc
garden bed - 1 month on a photo by margoc on Flickr.
Well our seedlings are coming along nicely now, after a month in the ground plus a couple of good rainfalls. Interestingly, the last line of brassicas - caulies and brocolli (to the right of the picture) - are more damaged by white cabbage moth than the others - I'm putting it down to the interplanting with fennel, as nothing seems to attack that and it is quite fragrant when it's a warm day.

Clancy and I also planted some peas and beans up the other end of the bed, with some parsley as well. I had planted some Aussie red garlic in between the brassicas a couple of weeks ago too. They are sprouting well now.

Clancy also planted what we think is a kohlrabi and a broccoli given to her by her Ah Mah and she's looking after them well (i.e. hands off - it's the best way so they'll survive!!).

We have some backyard design plans in the wind - will post about that soon, once plans are firmed up. Going to be an edible back yard with interactive spaces for kids!

Until then, happy gardening!


  1. Enjoyed the postings - how's the garden doing with the recent wild weather?

  2. Perth not so bad in terms of the wild weather - it seems to have hit further down south around Bunbury - lucky for us!

    ...and, thanks for stopping by on our blog :o)