Monday, July 4, 2011

Garden art project

This is a simple project that kids can help out with and fuel their (and your!) imagination about life in the garden.

We had some scrap pieces of plywood, so I drew some simple designs and cut these with a jigsaw. We drew a sun, a butterfly and a snail, but you are only limited by your imagination! The idea is to layer the pieces of each 'creature' to give a 3D effect. You can see how this is achieved in the slideshow below.

Paint each piece a different colour (use leftover paints, outdoor types if possible) - give them a good couple of coats to waterproof them a bit, then glue together, clamping to get a firm grip between the layers.

We will finish these off with salvaged bits of wire and coloured electrical wiring to make the antenna and legs.

Cool huh? It's taken a few weekends of painting and cutting in between holding/feeding/changing a baby and negotiating activities with a nearly-three-old! Worth it in the end and you could get this done in a weekend for sure.

What garden art have you made for your garden, especially kid-friendly things?

...and happy gardening!

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