Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spring gardening: some extras

A lovely day today to tidy up the garden and get some more vegies in - love the cycle of growing!
Popped in some more dwarf snappy beans - they are so productive for such little plants, I'm totally sold on them!

dwarf beans

Also sowed some coriander, parsley, bok choy and chives, all to minimise the growth of (and turned in) the seedlings coming up from the compost (that one wasn't a fully 'hot composted' load then was it?).

Dosed up the potted plants and seedlings of beetroot, carrot and swiss chard with a weak seasol solution. Pulled a couple of garlic too as they are beginning to go dry and yellow - not as big as I'd hoped but had planted team around the brocolli and caulies so perhaps didn't get the feed they needed.


Spring is the best time of the year! Happy gardening!


  1. Hi, just found your blog, it's great to read about other Perth gardeners. Noticed you drip irrigation hose in this pic. Does it work well? I've always been a bit wary about how evenly they water the plants.

  2. Hi Graham, we've got the drip irrigation set up to the greywater at the moment. While slow, it does seem to water OK - we do lose some as the bin itself is prone to a slight overflow. As it is gravity-fed it is on the slow side. We will probably need to supplement this by connecting the drip hose up to the tap to top up the watering as and if required.

    To be honest, am not sure if it waters evenly as you've asked - the only way to tell is whether there is a noticeable difference in plant size and as yet no marked difference. The dry summer will be the ultimate test!

    BTW - LOVE you golden kangaroo paws!

    Thanks for stopping by :o)


  3. Thanks Marg, I think i'll give the drip irrigation a go. I can supplemnt with hand watering when it gets hot. Sounds like your garden is going off! You're right, spring is the best time. :)