Monday, January 16, 2012

New Summer plantings

So far December to January hasn't been headsplitting hot -- yet! Am sure February will turn it on for us here in Perth, as usual.

We received two Papaya trees from Simon's grandmother which we've put in the terraced garden bed for a bit of protection, particularly in the Winter months as they don't like the cold wind and weather too much - hopefully that corner will provide a bit of residue heat and protection (borrowed a bit from the large Macadamia tree next door. I'm just hoping the rats don't take to the fruit like they do to the nuts!!)

Two Papaya trees and Okra seedling.

We also have a large Okra seedling growing and are hoping this does better than our previous two!! I love the gumminess of the fruit too. :o)

Thanks to Simon for cleaning out the garden bed in the heat and dosing up the bed before planting these babies in their new home!

Happy gardening!

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