Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Propagating plants

I haven't spent much time propagating plants but in the past few weeks have given it a go with some geraniums, pelargoniums and bougainvillea. The geranium is a gorgeous red-pink miniature cluster of flowers. The pelargoniums are both scented, one a cinnamon and the other a rose - I simply love the scented ones as previously posted.

The bougainvillea is a deep pink colour with dark green leaves.

All of these I've struck from cuttings. They look to be taking okay, but no doubt still have a way to go. Hoping they'll survive the summer okay too.

Lastly I've struck some Wormwood cuttings. Wormwood seems to be good for chooks in keeping insects at bay, as it is a natural insecticide.

I want to plant a couple of bushes close to our chook shed and have also spread some branches on the floor of their shed.

The other cuttings, once robust, will go around the kids' playground area and hopefully add to their sensory explorations!

Happy gardening!

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