Saturday, August 2, 2014

Worms go on the move

On Monday this week, I went to Clancy's school to help the kids set up a worm farm, as part of their gardening set up. They currently have a large raised garden bed (shown below planted out in February this year), a small rainwater tank (set up by the ever-resourceful Daddy, Simon), and now have a lovely worm farm to complete the cycle!

I grabbed a few set up tips from the Town of Cambridge worm farm fact sheet and draw up a worm-inspired sign, so the kids can be sure they are keeping a good eye on their worms.
So, these are basic facts for keeping your worms happy and healthy:
  1. Worms love sweet, not sour (i.e. not citrus, onions, garlic, etc).
  2. Worms love dark not light (keep in shaded position with lid on and carpet or cardboard as a cover).
  3. Worms love moist not dry (test by squeezing a handful of castings to test for moisture - that's fun!).
  4. Use "worm wee" 1:10 (or 1L to 10L water) for your plants - they'll LOVE you for it!
  5. Feed small amounts frequently to avoid a smelly worm farm (it should smell like a damp forest or fresh earth).
I used coco for the "bed" layer on the first level, then we gave the worms some edible items on the second "kitchen/dining" layer, using some old leaves, soggy cardboard and some green weedy scraps. We covered the layer with wet newspaper and then let them settle in for the week before giving them further food, which the kids will now do on Mondays and Fridays.

The kids loved holding the worms and feeling them wriggling in their hands - they were so keen! They thought the idea of "worm wee" was pretty funny too! Love the happy curiosity of kids!

Happy gardening!

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